Heart valves

Durable and problem-free PTFE yarn combines extreme longevity, the highest biocompatibility and minimal adhesion
Yarns for heart valves
Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE yarns for your heart valve

For more than 10 years, Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE yarns have been used by leading manufacturers of artificial heart valves to produce their challenging products. Our quality was initially demonstrated primarily in conventional surgical heart valves. In recent years, however, our yarn has also been used in minimally invasive TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) products. Last but not least, it is also used in some TMVR (Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair) products that are now coming onto the market as critical supplier products. We would love to work with you on new developments as well!

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PTFE has been established as a medical device material in the cardiovascular sector for many years. We supply yarns in various densities and cross-sections, depending on the requirements of your design. With our many years of experience and ISO 13485 certification, we can reliably supply intermediate products for class 3 products as well.

Why should you use Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE yarn in your heart valve?

  • extremely durable
  • very smooth surface (less adhesion and deposits)
  • superior biocompatibility (chemically inert)
  • high stability with given diameter
  • very soft material (optimal for compression in delivery systems (TAVR, TMVR))
  • high, long-term flexibility (does not get brittle, even after millions of cycles)

We are also happy to share our experience in handling PTFE.