Lenzing Jacketing

Lenzing Jacketing The revolutionary insulation cladding system
The revolutionary insulation cladding system
Lenzing Jacketing

Lenzing Jacketing solutions protect insulated ventilation ducts, as well as pipe, tank and boiler insulation. They replace resource-conserving conventional cladding, such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Lenzing Jacketing products are equipped with specific features, depending on the requirements. The substrates, which are laminated with up to 14 layers, can make Lenzing Jacketing products chemical-resistant, food safe, antimicrobial or halogen-free.

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Lenzing Jacketing products:
are weather-resistant

with frost, heat, humidity

have good fire and sound insulation properties

good fire and noise protection property

are resistant to mechanical damage

high resistance to mechanical damage

can be processed quickly

and therefore more cost-effectively than conventional cladding