Insulation laminating films

Efficient and sustainable Laminating films protect insulation material from environmental impacts and extend the service life of your insulation.
Protection and insulation
Insulation laminating films

Solutions using insulation laminating films are the right answer for the various requirements of high-performance insulation materials. The properties of the films protect the insulation materials from external influences, which ensures that they function perfectly. This makes Lenzing Plastics' insulation laminating films essential for energy-efficient construction and permanent functionality of the insulation.

Lenzing Plastics produces film laminates in various material combinations and processes. Our products can also be customized for specific requirements and characteristics.

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Lenzing Plastics produces composite films in many variants and combinations.

We achieve diffusion density through the use of bonded and fabric-reinforced aluminum foils in thicknesses of 7 up to approx. 70 ┬Ám.


Through combinations with products such as polyethylene, PET, polypropylene, woven materials, non-woven materials or paper, we can meet a wide range of technical requirements and customer needs.

Versatile application

Customized composite films can be used with various insulation materials (mineral wool, EPS, PUR, PIR).