Foam film / solid

Foamed and compact films This material is ideal for power cable manufacturing due to its high strength and low weight.
for the most stringent requirements
Cable banding

Our films ensure high efficiency in production and reduce machine downtimes. These properties are what make us a respected and well-known business partner.

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Polypropylene foam film

Developed to combine high strength with high surface yield, polypropylene foam film is ideal for use as a separating film and as a banding film. The processing of the film in the machine direction reliably prevents tearing in the transverse direction.

Polypropylene foam film soft

This cushioning film is primarily used in armored types of cable to ensure efficient protection for the underlying conductors.

Polypropylene compact films

For smaller cable dimensions, we use enormously strong and incredibly light mono-oriented PP films. Lenzing Plastics can fulfill all customer requirements with our wide range of packaging types.