50 years of Lenzing Plastics

50 years of Lenzing Plastics From paper to plastics
50 years of Lenzing Plastics

At the Lenzing site, we have produced paper since 1895, and we started production of cellulose fibers in 1938. As early as the 1960s, low-pressure polyethylene was used to produce a high-strength fabric for export packaging of the fibers.

We had to develop the technology ourselves and build appropriate machines. This led to creating a company focused on the construction of plastic machines, which was sold by Lenzing AG in 1995, is now called SML Maschinengesellschaft, and is now a world-renowned extrusion technology company, based in Redlham.

A respectable plastics processing operation developed out of the fabric manufacturing, which gradually expanded its technology base and is now present in multiple new business segments. This company was founded by Lenzing AG in 2000 under the name Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KG. It was then sold to a group of investors in 2013. The headquarters of the company is still located on the premises of Lenzing AG.

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